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Pagan Heritage

Utwory wykonawcy:

..of Ruins and Ashes

As i crawl up from the Ashes Looking over the land left in Ruins, shattered and gloomy Where death is victory. Of Ruins and Ashes, ashes My brothers in war all dead Sorrow and misery spread Christians obliterate now Taken back the land once more Of...

Human Sacrifice to Belial

Darkness in the room where people wait to get tortured in satanic rituals Human sacrifce on the altar fuck with christ on a crucifix Blood flows as the members chant ancient and forgotten spells of power I sacrifice you in the name of Belial The one seate...

The Book of Shadows

Darksome night and shining moon Harken to the Witches Rune East then South, West then North Here come I to call thee forth. By all the powers of land and sea Be obedient unto me. Wand and pentacle, cup and sword Harken ye unto my word Cords and censo...