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Mother Gaia we are your pain
The zero hour children, no life to gain
Your fertile womb raped by atomic meltdown
The sons of the apocalypse, we covet your crown

Heirs to the tyrants, quartered and maimed
We hold no fear; we unheed the seer
The hopes of our father charred in rivers of regret
Our despair bred by the lies you fed

Revelation and truth will burn at the pyre
Dreams of renewal spiral deep into the mire
In this vortex of madness the sands of time run low
Damnation rises from the hell below

Hear the distant thunder; our dim futures foretold
Consumed by the cleansing fire; our doom unfolds

Forever twilight; join us in our sorrow
Will there ever be a new tomorrow?

The wings of fate plummet down from hollow skies
The rage of avenging angels drowns our desperate cries
Our destinies sealed by the hunger of the insane
The winds of the fury will call your name

Heirs to the tyrants, quartered and maimed
We hold no fear; we unheed the seer
The hopes of our father charred in rivers of regret
Our despair bred by the lies you fed

Forever twilight; join us in our sorrow
Will there ever be a new tomorrow? 

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