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Another Wave From You

I think I saw you there... think I saw you there. 

Atlantique Sud

[Verse 1: Anthony Gonzalez] Sans moteur Comment veux-tu que j'avance? J'ai perdu ton visage [Verse 2: Mai Lan] J'ai pas peur Et si jamais tout s'efface Je saurais à nouveau tout redessiner [Chorus 1: Anthony Gonzalez] Allez viens tu peux bien prendre...

Bibi The Dog

Svelte, long et stable, comme portant le ciel Sur ses fines échasses, cet homme semble irréel. Ses cheveux et sa barbe sont d’un rouge épais Le bout des ses doigts parle quand sa bouche se tait. A ses frêles épaules, structure organique Des formes accroc...

Car Chase Terror!

Look at my hands, I'm shaking, all my body is shaking It was only a dream, mommy He was there His car was parked there in the same gas station All dressed in green, dark green I couldn't move my head, but I was watching him in the mirror Oh, it was ho...

Claudia Lewis

Alone, twenty millions years from my place A slide, on a starlight Watch out, a new planet right on my trail! The space, oh oh, it's mine! oh oh! oh oh oh! oh! oh oh oh! I'm lost, in an infinite night trip The sun, could make me blind I wish, I could b...


Chasing colors through my fears Chasing colors in my fears I need yourself! Should you find out I need you a new way, need you all day 

Dark moves of love

The time is blowing out Dividing you and me Can you see me? Everything is wrecked and grey I'm focusing on your image Can you hear me in the void? I will fight the time and bring you back! I will fight the time and bring you back! 

Do it, Try it

Do it, try it Do it, try it Do it, try it Do it Listen to the sound Of a new tomorrow Take over my dreams Walk into the feeling A dance on repeat A trance on a hard beat A dance on repeat A trance on a hard beat Do it, try it Do it, try it Do...

Don't save us from flames

Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina! Out of the flames A piece of brain in my hair The wheels are melting A ghost is screaming your name Tina! Tina! Bleeding all around Liquid metal through my veins The radio's burning A ghost is screaming your name Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina!...

Echoes Of Mine

Il est tard Je cherche a rentrer chez moi, et je prends un chemin que je ne connais pas, un petit sentier qui longe les usines et la ville en coupant par la foret Je commence a peine a entrevoir la nature, lorsque tout d'un coup, la nuit tombe Je suis plong...

Farwell - Goodbye

Kiss on the mouth Bliss of a touch Hand in a hand Killing the fiend I'll write my love on more than a thousand weeping willows A walk on your voice So far, so close A whispering child So far, so mild All the colors mixed up in falls of rainbows Tea...