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Paradisio, ah…
Fly, fly, fly through the sky, sky, sky

Listen, my baby, listen to me
I reach to you, my world is dying
Beautiful baby, through the stars I come to you
So I’m just flying

My world is
Full of darkness, frozen and destroyed
So set me free

Living in a world of shadows
Coming from the stars

Look at me, baby, into my eyes
You give me love, no I’m not dreaming
Beautiful lady, now it’s time for us to feel
The joy of giving

My love is growing up
You make my life complete
I feel so sweet

Living in a world of shadows
Coming from the stars

Listen up, listen up
You’re the light through the darkness
Screaming out, singing out

Paradisio, hei oh…
I’m flying to your star

Living in a world of shadows
Coming from the stars 

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