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Gettin' real suspicious of the one I love

It's like she's baring down and she's way too close to my back

Call an army marching towards me

Make it fast like a bullet

I want to feel it burn through me

I feel the ground start to shake

And every breath that we take

Meant so much to me and less to you

Everyone everywhere has their shit and I don't care

I'm merely suggesting to try to think about the mess that you're making

Pick up the garbage

Cause most of it's yours

Bring the bag outside

Come in before it pours

I feel the ground start to shake

And every breath that we take

Meant so much to me and less to you

It's like you know things that I'll never know

Well I know I know I know I know I know

I know

Sweetie it's hard for me to stay mad

sweetie it's hard for me to stay so mad

Your second chances are just piling up alright

I feel the ground start to shake

And every breath that we take

Meant so much to me and less to you

It's like you know things that I'll never know

Well I know I know I know I know I know 

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