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My body shakes - electric can't move my TV could kill me I can't move far that morning becomes the time when I wake and shudder to see I'm bleeding again again I'll wish upon some other star and maybe that would break me I remember when electric felt l...

She gives

I wish I was alive I give all I have to you And still I am nothing I cant believe you hurt me I sold my life away I sold myself for praise Still I suffer here in vain Please make it go away Ill give you anything I give you Ill give you everything I give you...

This town

This town is our town, so motherfucking glam We all know the chosen toys, Of candy girls, And pretty boys Make up that face to win the race. Life's a prick in this town. Suck my dick in this town. This town is our town It is so glamorous, I'd bet you'd live...