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I want you to spread your legs
and cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum

I want you to grab your ankles
Spread your legs
and cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to say my name when you feel this pain

In my life
Never look back
Never do that
Stay focused
Stay on track

Gotta fuck hos
Gotta hit it from the back
Gotta get hi
Hit hydro
Never crack

I fuck that pussy
I gotta get it wet
I play with the pussy
I bite down on the neck

Bitch, I got no respect
Your hair gets pulled
Your pussy wrecked

You're a slut
I don't care
Face in the pillow
Ass up in the air

I spank you black and blue
Them sluts at the club'll be like
"What happened to you?"

Push it
I know you won't complain
Push it
I know you know my name
Push it
You don't need to do a thang
Why don't you just spread your legs
and cum bitch cum?

I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum

I want you to
Grab your ankles
Spread your legs
and cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
Say my name when you feel this pain

You wanna tell me how to sing and act
Fuck that
Try to tell a nigga what he should do
Well fuck you
You skinny with a 36D
Can fuck me
No, I'm not your boyfriend, bitch
You can't trust me

My God
I just got lucky
She's so horny
She wanna fucky sucky
Yeah, that bitch so slutty
Out in the club makin out with her buddies
Out in the club and dressed all slutty

I wanna bust my nut
You wanna love me
I wanna suck your tits
You wanna hug me
She so fine
I'm so ugly

Push it
I know you won't complain
Push it
I know you know my name
Push it
You don't need to do a thang
Why don't you just spread your legs
and cum bitch cum?

I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Grab your ankles
Spread your legs
and cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Say my name when you feel this pain

Front back
Side to side
Front back
Side to side
Front back
Side to side
Front back
Side to side
Front back
Side to side

Destroy the pussy
Destroy the pussy
Destroy the pussy
Destroy the pussy


Fuck you

I don't give a fuck if it's in the back of the bus
or up in the bed
The back of your hed will get fed
I can't wait to see your face
I can't wait to grab that waist
and just rape you

I take you on a drive-by
Fuck front
Front back
Fuck side to side
Eyes roll back
When I break ya spine

Make love?
Fuck that!
I make a slut cry
Fuck that
I make a slut cum nine times

Then I say
"Can we make more babies?"
"Can I get that pussy from behind?"
"Can I make these pussy lips smoke
Like clubs in the 80s?"

Push it
I know you won't complain
Push it
I know you know my name
Push it
You don't need to do a thang
I want you to spread your legs
and cum bitch cum?

I want you to
Cum bitch come
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Grab your ankles
Spread your legs
and cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
I want you to
Cum bitch cum
Say my name when you feel this pain

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American Beauty

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I could feel it, see it the spirit as it was leaving my body no, it would not stay for a while it turned and laughed then crawled away so far a...


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Everything All The Time

You should be more careful Walking all alone You should be safe at home But You're a bad girl And I'm a bad man I need to punish you for Ma...


Ain't nothing working ain't nothing right There’s a whole in me that I can’t fill No matter how hard I try Hey bartender hit me with a double And int...


In conclusion ladies and gentlemen A new world is emerging it is a new world order A new world order A new world order We're running out of time When...


Know your enemies well They enter your life Disguised as your friends Know your enemies well They're in the next room Waiting for you to fall asl...

Crazy Life

up in the middle of tokyo i eat at road whenever i let my mind go it's like psycho suicidal baby love me when i could end like an angel it's bro...

Crazy Legs

Yeah Yeah Come into your house make love to your spouse Fuck her in the mouth then I'm out what These type of things happens all the time You try...


time to pay let them burn punish and erase me high time i suffer count all my addictions that surprise erection that dirty obsession my blood i...

Born 2 Ride

Get out of my fuckin way Yeah fuckin dick Dont fuck with me Fuck you! Yeah, ow ow ow! 'Cause I was born to ride Born to survive I do whatever...


Put it away, and hold it for a rainy day Just be yourself - don't worry Cuz in the end, it's us against Them again And no one else - don't worry...


Feels like I'm trippin' again Goin in circles I'm not so sure where I've been I'm goin in circles again This situation is a code red 911 My 411...

Daze of War

Come on Once again it's the hip-hop witch doctor The night is dark and the morning seems so far away Lost in the desert for forty nights and forty...


It’s my life And I have always done exactly what I wanted What else can a dog do It’s not right To take advantage of somebody who trusts you Pen...

Bury Me

Yeah, yea yea Yeah I'm so intoxicated I feel supernatural So illuminated So unpredictable I'm comin' for you Turn my key Wash my sins for me...


I blackout. Don't you put words in my mouth Don't try to shut me up I'm not about plastic skin I gotta get out, gotta get out, in What about those t...


I could not sleep last night That's not your problem I've got my problems I watched you sleep last night That's not your problem I've got my pro...

Don't let me down

Hey man I'm counting on you We're all in this together So dont let me down Everything i do - i do for you For you - So i'll be around I'll be ar...


You want me to give a show I don't really want to You want to impress I don't really need to Who the fuck are you? Where the fuck did you come fr...

Feel good

Ain't no more sunshine, just rain and cold suffering, Generation born to die with their eyes wide open. The clock strikes, the wrong rights, the mob...


You are now about to witness the power of hardcore Welcome to the pit motherfucker Yeah bitches Guess who's back? Get the kids out the room right...

Flesh and Blood

I know my rights I know my rights I know my Bill of Rights Though I walk Through the valley Of Death I am not Afraid Cause I dont give a fuck...

Get Away

Why should I stick around When no one understands me Why should I stick around When no one really cares Why should I stick around I hate the walls aro...


check check yeah what you thought i would just walk away run and hide crawl under a rock no i am not and never will be a quitter always have...


see their hands in the air they lift up their prayers to the air the life that you live time that you give to the air it don't seem fair somethin...

Pac Bell

If you like to make a call please hang up and try try try again If you like to make a call please hang up and try again We used to drive all night We...

Flesh And Bone

Another runaway train, Come and get me…. Another runaway train, Come and get me…. I’m just a runaway train come and get me Indecision, a bad deci...


i'm sorry i couldn't live up to so sorry i couldn't be like you i'm sorry i couldn't become what you are I couldn't have tried any less I hate b...

Get Ready

People get ready now the train is coming You don't need no baggage just get on board All you need is faith to hear the angels humming You don't need n...

Ordo Ab Chao

President Bush, come out with your hands up, you’re under arrest Think about it! What the f**k is going on Think about it! You think about it...

Raise Hell

If you think it's too loud Bitch - get the fuck out If you wanna slow down Bitch - get the fuck out If your ass ain't with me Get the fuck out... We...

Other Side

In Southern Mexico You forget just why you came You run to Northern California But, you forget to change your name But, when I get to New York City It...

Peer Pressure

I don't want to do it. [come on, come on] I don't want to do it.[come on, come on] I don't want to do it.[come on, come on] All the kids are doing...


Hey yo, wesstyle What up js Let me get a hit off some of that marijuana shit Here it is Cuz you know iz gotsta be real high When I'm feelin ta ju...

Here and now

Here and now (fear me) Here and now We are face to phase Caught in this time and place We are not afraid Hear me now These are the days of daz...

Self Aware

big world - big lies much more than meets the eye one life - one word one time we must be heard this love - this hate cant go on - cant wait...


To the youth in the line of fire So real to the youth in the line of fire And while we wait in line For our service of slow suicide Our birth con...


"Represent" Let's get this shit started Yeah where my dogs at Get your drinks up Your joints out Ladies pull your tits out Come on Bounce Bounce Bo...


I'm a renegade Back out motherfucker You better tap out Boo-hoo you crying baby Where you at now? Cuz i be lookin for you Me and my people lookin read...

Higher ground

You better light that shit up Y'all ready for this muthafuckas? You better light that shit up HED pe muthafuckas You better light that shit up An...

Half The Man

Caught between the ones you love, And the ones who would destroy you Caught between the sunlight, And the night that came before you Caught between th...

So It Be

If we all get together we can all get paid We can all get high we can all get laid With just a little compassion we can all just shine No kids go h...

Serpent Boy

count the days don't hold your breath chikitee chek 2012 the perpetrator never knew never properly represent the struggle the boy in the bubble i...

It's All Over

London Bridges Falling like a house of cards Seats of power Die We mobilize, realize why We warriors fight for the light In the darkness,...

Planet X

Honey, I'm home! Would you come here and look at this? There's something funny up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Honey, look it's yo...


G.I. Joe boy, monkey suit man Shamu, 5.0, flatfoot motherfucka make less money than the damn schoolteacher Make less money than a damn school teach...

Ken 2012

you see me running but you don't know what i'm running from my own weakness come on i've got to speak this truth When I'm losin my direction i ru...


what was the reason? didn't need one like instinct born into a trade not by choice but for a purpose push the rock move the stone Forever the...

Stay Ready

Hit this lil homey let me get this Word out to the mentally gifted The truth hurts but I cant keep a secret Peep this shit cuz the government leake...


I give it up smooth, stick then I move Try to make sense outta nonsense fool Trippin on life and my situation Brothers of earth one love and one natio...

Stepping Stone

No I don’t wanna talk kiss marry or date you (Nope) I just want to tie you up and fucking rape you! (Uh huh) Ill take you home and hide you under...


You are witnessing the falling of my pride You are listening as I crumble from inside Shhhh… There are no secrets Only voices you haven’t heard...

Killing time

Baby, I am a survivor Baby, I'm on fire Baby, I'm bout to creep up inside ya Getting high all day, drinking whiskey all night Flipping of the police w...

I Got You

Nobody's waiting for you Nobody's home Nobody's listening to you Cause nobody cares They will never change They are slowly dying They will never...


I know your fucking with me Fucking my brain Fucking my friends I know that you're no good for me No you ain't never been straight I got nothing but h...

Jesus (Of Nazareth)

I can't believe a single word that you're saying I see your lips moving, but nothing's coming out Who can believe a single word that you're saying...

It's Alright

Ide and behold The Renegades of 2012 are marching onward We forward go - Straight through the sun We are the ones who will watch Babylon crumble A...


Somewhere, somehow, somewhen We'll see it happen again, my friend A simple visitation gone wrong like back in '47 Only this time we'll be on the sc...

Live Or Die Free

American made The terror displayed The false flags that waive Be afraid - be very afraid The murder - the fear The truth appears The vi-o-lence...


Yeah I just wanna do you right Show you all this love and mommy treat you right Take me from the darkness into the light I read you like a book Sop...


Give it all you got Give it all you got Me, me, me so horney Aw baby I like it, (I like it) I love it, (I love it) Give it all you got Give it...


Listen I realized my life is flying by and I'm not afraid to die I made a choice I chose to be the voice of the voiceless you heard that I sold my...

Not Dead Yet

You don't understand I don't give a fuck This is not a game We fight to the death I was lost Now I'm born again Don't bury me I'm not ded yet...

Tired of Sleep

i come as i am come when i can this man come complete with confusion i come as i am you know i got to look for got to find the connections one e...

The Truth

Tell the children the truth... Your pussy band sounds just like shit You're not punk rock You're more like a punk trik You corporate motherfucker...

Tow The Line

"Every soldier that served with us believed 9/11 was a lie. We thought the people would expose the lie and bring us home. I got friends that are there...

Lock And Load

Six, six, six, six Yeah, I like it, I like it Come on Lets go lets waist some time let's jump in the Chevy let's ride Shorty your place or mine y...

No Turning Back

Before you change the world You got to change yourself Before you get to heaven You got to go through hell Nobody can save you No one is above an...


Yep Don't bother me! I'm indestructable Yeah another Vendetta No I wont stop I take em down a level One by one Imma come down I never Let em up To p...

Novus Ordos Clitorus

When will you open up your eyes By the time it's almost over you... Get up, get up, fight! Announcing the birth of the new world order as pronounc...

The Box

The most powerful and feared man in the music business Yeah, what's up zac Tell it like it is for once Read between the lines for once Listen...

Suck It Up

Just bring it… Bow down Bow down One, two, three Suck it up It’s not the end of the world It’s just a phase They all love to see you fall Fl...

One More Body

Yeah Uh Yeah One more body Feed the machine Gotta keep it running The gears crush the limbs of the poor Gotta keep em coming The bodies they p...

Truth Rising

Give me the truth - The whole truth Nothin but the truth So help me You will never win - Never again My people ready for anything No more secre...

Swan Dive

I climb, hand over hand, closing my eyes Too scared to look down I climb, hand over hand Putting distance between I and I and the ground I get to the...

Let's ride

I drink I smoke I fuck My kind we fight in the club I mix up that vodka with the chronic and I feel that love I dream I work I bleed I say things that...

No Rest For The Wicked

No rest for the wicked. We are the truth (we are, we are) . Now I will destroy you. No rest for the wicked We are the truth (we are, we are) Now...

Middle Class Blues

You make it so hard to live So hard to live It's a war on the middle class I gave you everything, i got Nothing to give It's a war on the middle...

The Only One

Everybody at the party’s so lonely In a room full of strangers Everybody knows me And everybody’s so plastic Fools tryin’ to fit in Rejection is...

The Meadow

I don't ask why, I just fall into the meadow I close my eyes , and wait to die Yes, I am a liar Yes, I am a sinner Please forgive my broken soul But...

The Chosen One

Listen, messages are in code Well I can only show you the door is open It's your freedom of choice weather to walk through If you stand on the sid...