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G-Yee, shofu & Scoot Cerulean Flow tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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G-to-the-Yee, Shofu, and Scoot

We gonna leave you saying that you dug this trio

No Dugtrio, but we Big Three like LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris B-O-S-H

Other words the Heat ran

Through your whole team like a Heatran

Against an ice team, call it bad typing, lightning a water beat man

Hit it with Thunder, I'll light it up like a lamp post

They say that it don't strike twice, tell an hombre that I Zapdos

That's twice in Spanish yall try and damage with Magikarp splashes

but nothing happened like Focus Sashin' I'm still standin'

Still baggin' these bodies yeah they're just Trubbish to me

From the way that I execute you callin' me Pokemon 103

Look it up in your Pokedex

I'm smoking pests

Yall Toegetics

Get Hi Jump Kicked from overhead

Till the only thing that's left is broken eggs (like "crack")

You whack, Zubats, do that, walk of shame

On a mic I go Charizard, yeah I spit that Waka Flocka Flame

So I hope you brought some Lum Berries or you're in for a long ass fight

But we can't let up no we gotta Rhydon get Shofu and Baton Pass the mic


Movin tru da city, nothin but a bicycle

They say my flows too cold I'm crashin on em like an icicle

Colder than Ice Shards, Ice Beams

You ain't got 31 IV's

You beating me, that's a pipe dream

You Vaniluxe soft, that's ice cream

shofu in this bitch, uterus

You a Slowbro, that stupid shit

TM64 I nuke this shit

You infatuated, that Cupid shit

Oh you feelin real? Ask Maxprotect what happens when you diss me

Bitch I'm all up in this Cerulean beat like Misty

Get super soaked, hit with the water gun

And you gettin 6-0'd, give you no time to run

Man I'm lethal so evil I'm like a Sneasel when I beat em up

A Kyurem how I freeze em up

Ninjask how I speed it up

Kill em like Ash, beat a trainer ass, then I get the cash then I Smash and I Pass to the back of the back use the Flash when it's dull get em Bashed with a Skull get a nigga Wing Attacked with the gull

You wanna battle get in line but no you won't defeat me

Man this shit's too easy

Shofu Scoot and GYee


Pokemon, sav em all

I never fail got master balls

You leveled up, that's yo fault

Got all the pokes, roll call

Scrafty on deck, that's my number one hitter

Heatran here too, that's the Lava Plume spitter

What you gon do? Can't think, can't remember?

So I send out my Slowbro, the physical defender

Got that Celebi, onion head

Make you cry, take yo bread

We don't make pokes faint, we hit em til they fuckin dead

Bitch bring the beat back

CC from a CB Terrak

Me and my crew man what you gon do you a fool and we already knew dat

WDFA, we is on

We da best at Pokemon

Go hamburger, no cheese

Cold as ice, no freeze

Bounce like a Grumpig

shofu is hella big -pause

Leo troll

Roscoe know

PK here, nappy fro

I'm real like it's a bad habit

Bitch I Pikachu and then grab it

Poke dollas make me get two mo

Three bitches down call em Dugtrio

So this the shit that you do know

We go ham easy like a free throw

Back on up before I serve you, I'm so fly, HM02 

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