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Boops 03

(F-yyyyyyyy-a) - sung in the background throughout whole song.. (F-yyyyy-a) (F-yyyyy-a) [Tenza:] Three fya gal dem wanna know about us let me tell u something how we damn georgeous check out wi body how we sexoulous kizzy c'mon gi dem di bonus........

Friday night

Ooohhh... Mad shit jumpin off, now I like this Ok, yeah, yeah hey yo Friday night, just got paid I'm runnin wit my mans we got plans of gettin laid up Sticky green burnin sittin on twenty's Pocket full of money and we hollerin the honeys yo Stress less...

Must be love

feat. Smujji & Predator [Intro] [Ooh Heh Ooh Heh......] Hey yo i know it's the Fya girls and Smujji the combination this must be love it's gonna hit you like an explosion Fya Smujji let it go.... [Chorus] Must be love This must be love..love g...