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Fya Boops 03 tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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(F-yyyyyyyy-a) - sung in the background throughout whole song..


Three fya gal dem wanna know about us
let me tell u something
how we damn georgeous
check out wi body how we sexoulous
kizzy c'mon gi dem di bonus.....

Strictly positive never negative vibez
don't believe in drugs don't believe in gun crimes
dem don't inspire we say dem aint wise
peace love respect ambition and pride

[Chorus - Emma:]
Search into my mind there's only two things that you'll find..
I have one desire and thats to dance until you drop...
(dance until you drop)
search into your life there's only two thngs I can find
you have one desire and thats to dance until u drop

Dem wanna figure us out dem wanna know wat we bout
three fya gal we mek u jump and shout
hot like waa yes a we run di route
a tenza dis mi got nuff attitude
sexy like waa mi a mad off dem dude whine mi body
dem tell mi seh mi crude di fya gal sexy and smooth

[Repeat Chorus]

A unique vision a complex fusion
dis is your opportunity for a decision
dis is a competition not no confusion
dis is di fya crew no optical illusion....
a unique vision a complex fusion
dis is your opportunity for a decision
dis is a competition not no confusion
dis is di fya crew no optical illusion

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh by the way we're F.Y.A chiedza stepping up
wid a distinctive flow mi nuh watch next man move
but mi still dun out the show wid enuff intelligence
dat will blow out your brain..
I'ma crazy senorita singing on the radio
don't be hating wen u see me looking good on video
me and F.Y.A be linkin at the Mobo
at the after party we'll be at the front row

Hot gal life sweet show dem he dweet we walk round street
man a lost off dem speech
sum a shout 'Ayo' sum a shout blaw-wow
we body look good from head down to toe
like wow anything mi waan mia ffi get dat now...
tell dem a hot gal run shw mi chat straight up mi nuh guh itch no...
Ayoo blaw-wow hello

[Repeat Chorus x 2]


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