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Tekst piosenki

As Paddles Row

From Kings and Queens

To guillotines

From Altered States

To transformed fate

From floppy discs

To rocket ships

From cyber eyes

To mystic minds

From home school moms

To smart bombs

From Gate’s glitch

To Viking ships


Nobody knows

Where we go

As paddles row

Nobody knows

From living lives

Of luxury

From diamond rings

To ecstasy

From designer sheets

To custom cars

From metal gods

To mega stars

From bootie calls

To rolling stone

From politics

To solid gold


From the streets

To the hood

To the freaks

In Hollywood

From the power

To the god

I salute the



From downloads

To port holes

From xyz

To shock TV

From karma sutra

Calla College

He’s a she with

Carnal knowledge


Nobody knows

Where we go

As paddles row

Nobody knows


Were farmers of fortune

We sail the seven seas

They coined us buzzarkers

We’re takin what we please

Row row row come on and row yeah

Row row row come on and row yeah

We’re sailors of fortune

We sail the seven seas

We’re dream merchant Vikings

We take you to your knees

Row row row come on and row yeah

Row row row come on and row yeah

We let the currents guide us

The winds of time inside us

Surprised at what we’re shown

Wanting our home

As paddles row 

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