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How I wished to leave, Empty night left behind Empty night and I don't mind How I know I can leave Empty night left behind, Empty night and I don't mind And I know, We were not so close... And I know, I am colder... And I know, We were not so close, That's wh...

Don't you see I'm transparent?

I'm taking a long trip, Will you wait? Will you have the patience...? I am going in a hidden place, I'm about to leave. Will you be sorry? Don't you feel tired? Will you be relieved...? It's because of you that, I'm getting away. Will you find your way now....

Soft Sequence

I am so disappointed No one's here Just the fear I am creeping and falling In this place I will face Won't you regret this time When I was here for you To help you always Won't you understand We were bound to be together What can I tell ? Will you reject this...