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Eyes Of Noctum

Utwory wykonawcy:


(Day one) Battle has commenced Feel our wrath fueled by our detestation, Your eyes full of rancor towards the enemy and their saprophyte race, the clashing of the blades and murderous screams. On the loam must lay the corpses of our enemies. Fill the la...

God's second hand

Once god's second hand casted down through the endless clouds in the name of tyrannic hunger to rule it all. Impacted by a titan fall in the demise of it all led to the missing diamond in his crown once a sign of royalty. For those now failed shooting stars...

Thy Fire Within

I was once a lonely knight in thy abyss of sorrow and constant lies, yet now I seize my sword and united with evil I stand. I shall serve my dark desires and obliterate the ones who stand in my way. Look beyond the cold blue frost and you shall see thy fire...