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Earlyman piosenki

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Creature From The Black Lagoon

Verse 1: Up from the depths of murky waters Through gills I barely breathe straight from the dawn of life itself lost link between man and sea Millions of years have passed me by time is imprisoning Darkness has been my only friend Until she c...

Frankenstein: I'm Dead Alive

Fran-ken-stein… Verse 1: Love is all I wanted from you but you can't understand I’m not a monster all my rage comes from the man Chorus: Frankenstein been sewn together there is no other I’m gonna be your Frankenstein I’m d...

Six Must Die

Verse 1: These winds are blowing demons in Again “The Fog” is rolling in Grows thin revealing ghosts of men hooks drawn avenging prior sin Shipwrecked deceived by firelight Strange things bumping in the night Revenge as the corpse will rise Re...