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I'm in [sic] the bus and it feels like a U.F.O Everyone’s talking a language I don't know I wonder if we're going to the same place Or am I heading to my own space So next stop I get off and I gotta find home I’m at the club and I feel like I'm on Mars...

I Don't Lack Imagination

You were greater than magic From far, far away Guess I was being dramatic You're not really that great No, I don't think you're that cool But, yeah you had me fooled Guess I'm being dramatic But I'm not that into you I'd rather dream 'bout all the thi...

Old Age

I'm too old for my skin I'm too aged for my burns Everything that lies within The outside never shows 'Cause I'm a young blood With an old heart And eyes that see more than they should I'd die of old age If I could The time just seems to go so fast...