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Dylan Owen The Glory Years tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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You are my favorite miracle

[Verse 1]

When the world finally ends, only then will our destinies doubt us

When we spin off the edge of our steps and our couches

When just the hidden songs are left on our cassettes and our albums

Can we expect that something better surrounds us, when we exit our houses

The death of my childhood would unfold in notches

It was a cave in social comet of a stolen promise

So how'd we grow up but not grow up into who we said we'd grow up

Into we said we knew some day we'd grow up beyond this

Now I'm as lonely as the town drunk, who only knows he's a man

When he's holding a handful of SoCo and Daniels

Sitting at the bar calling all the colleges girls over

To sing him Billy Joel karaoke from a broken piano

I don't wanna end up just like him I'll keep on writing till me bookmark bends

I keep on writing till I lose all that's left of my good hard friends

Until I've spent all the gold that had took our breathe

If only it matters I probably I take the loneliest stance

I miss unholy abandoned home to me we always will carry it

With the strength of an ocean it'll grow like soldiers in battle

And looking back over my shoulder see the roads that we travel

[Hook 1]

Without the worst nights (nights)

And my glory years (years)

Without the holes in the rooftop we climbed on

Without the dead nights (nights)

And the adventure life (life)

Without the memories we never bet our lives on

How would I know whoever I am

Without the long drive to anywhere that we were always miles from

If these are the best of times I don't want mine back

The glory years I always thought I'd have are here


So for anybody who still feels they have the best years of their life left to live

I'm right there with you

[Verse 2]

We nicknamed our best friend Ghost for all the haunts he'd have

There's more to life then the glory years that we thought we'd have

We formed a pact for down the road in case we lost track

A dollar diner coffee calls and screen porch menthol packs

If you went up summer in an office selling car glass

And I still live at home in five years lets get our maps

And tape 'em to the window seat we could travel north fast

Small town kids who learned to fight from our divorced dads

Know the rules of separation like our palms

Tired eyed of watching burning houses from our lawns

If only we could find a wait and vacant distant summers

And fall in deep enough love we'd make our parents miss each other

One story starts for everyone that never made it

I kissed my first girlfriend on an air mattress that levitated

I used to hate the ground thats roots and holes are bound to fail

But making out in UFOs at the Orange County Fair

Made me feel like something from another world would save us

Or some great tragedy would come along to turn my pages

Maybe I was waiting for a battlefield to earn my place in

Still looking back at us the world can see we were courageous

But all our worry signs and torn up lives I won't ignore

Fell in love too many times at least we got to know our floors

I don't plan to ever get the moments we were hoping for

A couple years later fast forward


Now I know I won't try (try)

I know I won't try (try)

I will spend my whole life looking for an answer that I won't find

Now I know I won't find it, damn right I won't find it

Imma take potential and bury it like I'm gold mining

I'll take my pen and I'll press it and pray my penmanship resurrects

My depressions, my friendships, my I'm in my own crisis

Because I'm only twenty-two

How am I wishing for the wisdom that's been missing in collision with my old life

I said I'm only twenty-two, how the fuck am I wishing for what's missing in an old life

[Hook 2]

Without the worst nights

And my glory years

Without the lows in the rooftops we dived from

Without the dead nights

And the adventure life

Without the people that you never could rely on

Man how would you know whoever you are

Without the long drives down the black midnight roads we almost died on

These are the best of times and I don't want mine back

The glory years I always swore I'd have aren't here

But I got wrongs, I got roads, I got seams, I got long intermissions where I lost my feet

I got my best friends behind yeah I brought my team, their in the background singing, "Yeah that's all I need"

The orange lights the ocean gasp and it's all a passive, my ... life flashes short enough to make my story last

There's more to write then the pouring rain and the autumn grass

There's more to drive to then all the places you wanna crash

There's more to life then the glory years that you thought you'd have

But I don't know where I am

I'm just lost in my glory years 

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