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Dylan LeBlanc piosenki

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Ain't too good at Losing

I think too much In the morning when I wake up From the shadows of doubt I can't run For the worse or for the better Like a loaded gun Like a feather I'm falling So lightly to the ground Oh and God, I'm so lost Just hoping to be found And if misery...

Cautionary Tale

I feel I'm flying blind when I know that my mind won't believe me Not much to be said when my heart and my head still deceive me Don't offer up help that you know that I won't be needing Cause I do it to myself, like I never get tired of bleeding Can I tr...

If The Creek Don't Rise

Well I get tied down when you cross my mind Won't let me back in, but I won't stop trying Tried to untie the knot but it's tied pretty tight. Oh, that knot in your heart when you left that night This love is like water and water gets rough Had all I can...