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Im an illy motha fucka na-e daehan geogjeong-eun jeob-eodusyu

nineun naneun aldoe naeneun nileul molla geulae nuyonusyu

geu ttongnae naneun agalin eolleun jang-gala machi gyusyu

Its a New year new money

new go yard new whips

and new shoes i be poppin em

New shit i be droppin em

geojiga doen deus hustle ilmanhane jjug bappi neul

saelo taeeonan ppappiyong

u fake motha fuckas my condolence

R.I.P naega salajigiman-eul balal salajigi bappeun nomdeul

They come and go yeogsi neonen tto

nan gang-gwa san-i dasi byeonhaedo

nuga mwolaedo nan neul wonhae deo

hibhab anin nomdeul nan neul beolle bodeus haji

yeogi laebpeodeulda yeon-yeinbyeong nan nideul haengbo jeongbandaelo geone

mongttang jamsi jideolado ige pyeonhae

joh-euldaelo saldabomyeon bom-eun one god

i nolae jom doemyeon joh-eun geogo andoemyeon ttan geo dasi tto naejyo

2016 hukkeunhage 25eog beol-eo siwonhage bonaego

jamsi bolisgogae dasi yeolsimhi

oleudaga bomyeon samje olhaedo sichim ttug ttego

i be flexin on em motha fuckas life goes on&on

Who the fuck u think u talkin to boy

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

Y’aint shit motha fucka get back

Who the fuck u think u talkin to

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

I said U aint shit motha fucka get back

Im a good ass rapper i dont need no luck

laeb-e iss-eoseon nan jil il eobs-eo

kkaekkeushan cheog han nom kkolin gil-eossgo

yeogi laebpeodeul-eun da sil-eobs-eo

geojicheoleom salgi dadeul silh-eoseo

nega beolin hibhab naega sil-eoseo

Double R lamborghini and ferrari

eotteon ileum-ideun malhae ssag da taewo kkum-eul ilwoss-eo

bil-eomeog-eul hibhab-eulo don beol su issda

boyeojwodo yeojeonhi dadeul geob nae

yeogi nomdeul daegali an-e deundeolagon gyeolgug enda joeda yeon-yein

nega laebpeo lamyeon laebpeodabge sal-eo

just get money and fuck fame

jinjjadeul-eul wihae nan tto dallyeo

track wileul i aint switchin no lanes

niga nugunji al-eo? i badag-eseon

niga nugunjil almyeon naega nugunji al-eo

nan seong-gonghan jeog eobsne nugul jisbalbgo

naboda jaldoemyeon nugudeunji kkago

yabsilhage guneun dick riders yeah

nan gajja laebdeul-eun an ppal-eo yeah

olaegago sip-eum jal galyeo yae

nan sul anin simjang-eul ttaleo yeah

nan yalpaghan nolaen an pal-eo yeah

hyeokkoin mabidoen bal-eum damn

deudgido silh-eo ib dad-eo yeah

bulalin nundo jom kkal-eo yeah

maseukeulo ib-eun wae galyeo jyae

neon laeb-ina ppalli ttogbalo hae

da laeb-ina ppalli ttogbalo hae

Illionaire ambtion ur problem yeah

Who the fuck u think u talkin to boy

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

Y’aint shit motha fucka get back

Who the fuck u think u talkin to

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

I said U aint shit motha fucka get back


Im an illy motha fucka 나에 대한 걱정은 접어두슈

니는 나는 알되 내는 니를 몰라 그래 누요누슈

그 똥내 나는 아가린 얼른 장가라 마치 규슈

Its a New year new money

new go yard new whips

and new shoes i be poppin em

New shit i be droppin em

거지가 된 듯 hustle 일만하네 쭉 바삐 늘

새로 태어난 빠삐용

u fake motha fuckas my condolence

R.I.P 내가 사라지기만을 바랄 사라지기 바쁜 놈들

They come and go 역시 너넨 또

난 강과 산이 다시 변해도

누가 뭐래도 난 늘 원해 더

힙합 아닌 놈들 난 늘 벌레 보듯 하지

여기 랩퍼들다 연예인병 난 니들 행보 정반대로 거네

몽땅 잠시 지더라도 이게 편해

좋을대로 살다보면 봄은 오네 곧

이 노래 좀 되면 좋은 거고 안되면 딴 거 다시 또 내죠

2016 후끈하게 25억 벌어 시원하게 보내고

잠시 보릿고개 다시 열심히

오르다가 보면 삼제 올해도 시침 뚝 떼고

i be flexin on em motha fuckas life goes on&on

Who the fuck u think u talkin to boy

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

Y’aint shit motha fucka get back

Who the fuck u think u talkin to

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

I said U aint shit motha fucka get back

Im a good ass rapper i dont need no luck

랩에 있어선 난 질 일 없어

깨끗한 척 한 놈 꼬린 길었고

여기 랩퍼들은 다 실없어

거지처럼 살기 다들 싫어서

네가 버린 힙합 내가 실어서

Double R lamborghini and ferrari

어떤 이름이든 말해 싹 다 태워 꿈을 이뤘어

빌어먹을 힙합으로 돈 벌 수 있다

보여줘도 여전히 다들 겁 내

여기 놈들 대가리 안에 든더라곤 결국 엔다 죄다 연예인

네가 랩퍼 라면 랩퍼답게 살어

just get money and fuck fame

진짜들을 위해 난 또 달려

track 위를 i aint switchin no lanes

니가 누군지 알어? 이 바닥에선

니가 누군질 알면 내가 누군지 알어

난 성공한 적 없네 누굴 짓밟고

나보다 잘되면 누구든지 까고

얍실하게 구는 dick riders yeah

난 가짜 랩들은 안 빨어 yeah

오래가고 싶음 잘 가려 얘

난 술 아닌 심장을 따러 yeah

난 얄팍한 노랜 안 팔어 yeah

혀꼬인 마비된 발음 damn

듣기도 싫어 입 닫어 yeah

부라린 눈도 좀 깔어 yeah

마스크로 입은 왜 가려 쟤

넌 랩이나 빨리 똑바로 해

다 랩이나 빨리 똑바로 해

Illionaire ambtion ur problem yeah

Who the fuck u think u talkin to boy

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

Y’aint shit motha fucka get back

Who the fuck u think u talkin to

Who the fuck u think u fuckin wit

U aint shit motha fucka get

I said U aint shit motha fucka get back 

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In My Whip (Feat. Jay Park, Superbee, The Quiett)

Romanization eco modeurodo yeoreobunui chareul chuwol i pull up in my maserati 3woreun daehak seoboedeuri aju manheuni kanibal talge bwa jumare a...

1LL Recognize 1LL

Romanization malkeun haneulgwa palm trees badae nuwo ijgo sarassdeon jogakdeureul da dama juwo chosimeun tteonassjiman yeoljeongmaneun namajuo morae...

1 llin

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1HUNNIT (feat. Jay Park)

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Leave me alone (Fuck you)

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fuck bad bitches yeah i fuck bad bitches fuck bad bitches yeah i fuck bad bitches fuck bad bitches yeah i fuck bad bitches good girl gone bad gone...

Abandoned (feat. Jay Park)

Listen up Niga ddeonan nal mid gijil anhasseo Neomoona seulpeosseo sesangie mooneojyeosseo Eureumboda chagabge neon deungeul dollyeosseo Neon de...

It's Time

Dokki&deobeulkei hiphop is here Mitppajin geimsogui siksanghan players Binjaril chaewojul geu sigani doesseo Jinjjareul boyeojulkke hiphop is back...

Beverly 1lls (Remix) (Feat. The Quiett)

Romanization Yeah I’m at the top so high Welcome to Beverly ills malg-eun gong-gi daleun siya da Welcome to Beverly ills Beverly ills Beverly il...

It's Me

I’m number one and a two and three and four five Six seven eight nine you know i’m so fly Ain’t no stopping na neun meom shu neun beo beul an bae oon...

Know Your Name (feat. Jay Park)

Oh, huh Aom and illionaire Oh, yeah (yeah) Ow, ah You all ready let's rock Jay Park, Dok2 Let's go Ne ga du ro son sun gan I go sen No wa n...


Romanized Muh fucka im ballin Chikichakachokochokocho Muh fucka im flexin Chikichakachokochokocho My lamborghini mercy Chikichakachokochokoch...


Romanizacja makdareun golmokgwa gildeul yesangchi mothan ildeul biteulgeorida jinabeorin swimteoga mak il jul jichil jul moreudeon nae kkumdo ije...

Marathon (마라톤)

Romanizacja nado gakkeum yakhaejil ttae isseo kkeuti an boineun misyeon gonghwangeul bulleowatji nareul hyanghan manheun siseon hangsang wiseonpp...

All I Know Feat. Yammo

F U C K Y O U HOE F U C K Y O U HOE F U C K Y O U HOE F U C K Y O U HOE this is all i know this is all i know nan raepeodeurui kkumeul irun rae...


Romanization nan don wonhamyeon michin deusi beoreo nae raep eonjedeun michin deusi jjeoreo yeogi wassne naneun michin deusi georeo michin deusi...

Fly Away (Feat. The Quiett)

modeun ge bokjaphaejin ildeulgwa saenggangman manhajineun bam neul gwaenhi honjain deutan gibune chiyeo irheoganeun jasingamgwa kkum da geoseulli...

So Far So Good (Feat. Ann One & Double K)

Romanizacja so far so good so far so good so far so good motivation got me elavated jugeun jul aratdeon naeui seollemi ije naege piryohan geon...

Future Flame

Romanization yojeum raepeodeureun ip simsimhamyeon neul don cha tto sigye yaegi jarangppunin heunhan raepeodeureul ssajaba daechung ssibeodaeji...

Lens-Me In

Romanization deo balkeun apeul bol su issge lens me deo naeun naeireul hyanghae come and lens me jarieseo ireona come dance with me nuga anin...

Bad Vibes Lonely (Feat. Dean)

Romanization nan geujeo haengbok hagil bara mium eopsi haneul arae nugunganeun naui mari huimangi doel sudo issgessjiman geureohji anhdaneun iyuro te...

Bliss (Feat. Sumin)

I just wanna feel free i just wanna feel good Heona hyeonsil eun stress gadeughan ilppun Ibeon san eul oleun damyeon Malg eun gong gie gipge sum il...

Last (Fear Mr. Gordo)

geurae na pyeongbeomhage salgil wonhae geurae do jeo haneure dakil wonhae oneurui gotongeul tto da gewonae anin cheokhaedo maeil bam gidohae gaji...

Be the God

Romanization Kill the boy and let the man be born Gotta fight til the end now Lets keep goin Now to the top Now to the top Kill the boy and l...

Hell Yeah

bakjareul milgi jeone meorina mireo go watch ur self in the mirror nideul kkoriga neomu gireo i get better but u get bitter niga surina masireo gal tt...


Back back on the track track love it don’t hate Shi reu myeon an deu leo do dwae but keu geon ni son hae Jeo keo gi rok hae wae na myeon nae ga mwol b...

Endxiety (Feat. Ann One)

Romanizacja seutillokseu hana tto ireum moreul saek hana eopsin jameun aye jal mot ja gakkeum sumeul swineun geot jocha himi deureo boigien pyeo...

Aom&1llionaire (feat. Jay Park, The Quiett)

AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie AOM&1llionaire AOM and illie A...

Me (Feat. Beenzino & The Quiett)

Romanization naega manghal geot gatae naega manghal geot gatae geureohge saldagan eolma mot gaseo da manghal geot gatdae naega manghal geot gata...

Best Time (In Our Life)

Oneul niga deo areumdawo boineun deutae nae nune Waenji oneul i bam neowa hamkke all night gachi jinaego sipeunde Baby are you down wit me nawa gateu...

Good Vibration

Romanization Still screaming good vibes only plus bad vibes lonely GRAY on the beat nan geu wireul maennal nolji nal mageul su eopsji geu eotteo...

Money Dance (Feat. B-Free, Bryan Chase, Okasian)

Romanizacja I be on my money dance Money dance on a monday I be on my money dance Money dance on a monday From monday to monday I be on my mone...

Die Legend 3

Yeah when i die i’mma die legend x8 Imma die legend when i d.i.e I will never stop grindin til i d.i.e It’s the mister gonzo & killa k Wit tiger...

Level 1000 (With Jay Park)

No pain no gain Geureom nan mommugeneun cheonkillo Manheun gyeongheomgwa silsudeul tonghaeseo manhi eodeotgo Nan hollo jeo meon gillo dallyeoga Go...




Got DJ mustard on the beat ho G o n to the z o D o k 2 thats me bro Illionaire motha fucka how we go nideul nune mureumpyo meorien jeom ses nal b...

Mr. Independent 3 (Feat. Jinbo)

Romanized Mr independent the real the ill life nae ggumgwa sangsang geudaerowi hyeonsalgwa naega arweonael geose ggeuteun gwayeon eodilkka geudeu...

N My Way 3 (Feat. Kim Bumsoo)

Romanization dosineun mari neomu manha geotgwa sogi neomu dalla daeche nugureul bonbada saragaya halji ttaragal giri boiji anha gidaereul haebo...


365 yeah i’m ouchea siganeun 11si 11buneuro matchwo seunaepbaek chaengeul natge natchwo don yaegiga aniramyeon da dakchyeo yeah I’m outchea yeah I’m...

Enjoy The Show (feat. Jay Park, The Quiett)

[Jay Park] They be like “Ugh Jay Park man why you go and do that ? I’m back muhfucka Igeoneun naui chulchek neomu shiwonhage raephaneun naui flow...

Don't Do That

gu ju me so he gu ju me so he gu ju me so he gu ju me so he gu ju me so he gu ju me so he gu ju me so he gu ju me so he no ga na wa na ra ni...

My Girl

Nae yeojal sogaehalge Kineun daechung baekyuk Sibsoneulo gaglyeojineun jakeun Pretty face and a beautiful smile Guti mutji anado almankeum ulin...

My Love (Feat. Jay Park)

It's like L L L It's like O O O V E nega neukkin i neukkin Yaksogirado handeut nega kkeullin i kkeullim Baby girl come next to me just show me ur...

Only On

Romanization Only on my Play Station Station Only on Play Station Station Only on Play Station Station Only on Play Station Station Only on Pla...

Handz Up (feat. Jay Park)

I'm feelin' good and i won't turn down for nobody Hanbeon saneun insaenginde jeulgyeo dagati So get'em high high We gon' fly fly Let's do it right...

On My Own (Feat. Zion-T)

Yeah Ojik yeoljeonggwa paegimaneuro naerin gyeoljeong Jongiwa geomjeong pencilman jumyeon maeil beoltteok Ireona nureun play beoteuni naui haruui...

Player (Feat. Jinsil Of Mad Soul Child)

Romanization If you lose your everything Think you can’t go back to the time Keep in mind it’s not your fault In the end i am gonna be with you...

On & On (Feat. Lee Hi)

Romanization I just wanna rhyme I just wanna I just wanna dream I just wanna sleep good I just wanna chill I just wanna I just wanna go shoppi...

Miss You (Feat. Junggigo)

Romanized niga bogo sipeo manjigo sipeo neukkigo sipeo niga bogo sipeo manjigo sipeo neukkigo sipeo niga bogo sipeo manjigo sipeo neukkigo sipe...