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Taking the reins of my destiny
Preferring death than church slavery
Like a predator, Superior than lambs
Interfering in the universe, My will be done!

Ringing the bell and calling all infernal names
Facing the altar and symbol of Baphomet!

All Magick upon me!
Almighty Satanas!

Shall My will be done!
Ruler of the earth !
Integra Renovatur Natura Igne !!!


Serpent of the watery abyss
Shape and polish our rough stone!
We drink from Chalice of Ecstasy!
To understand the five points of the inverted star
All Magick upon me!
Almighty Lucifer!

Shall My will be done!
Ruler of the earth !

Ó grandioso dragão que guarda em seu âmago os 4 elementos
Voe pelo ar, nade sobres as águas, ateie fogo em meus inimigos e domine a terra!
Revele-se alem das sombras e desperte a esfera de Hod!

All Gods are made in our thought
All thoughts are projected into the astral
All the evil gods are at the same time
Into the universe and within me!

All Magick upon me!
Almighty Belial !

Shall My will be done!
Ruler of the earth ! 

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