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Ashlee Hewitt

Utwory wykonawcy:


1, 2, 3 This world can knock you down, If you get off the ground, Make it hard on you cause you know that they will, There are scared that you'll Become something cool, Making fun of you for living out your fantasy You’re a bird that soars, above them...

Happily Ever After

It’s been a long hard road, I’ve been traveling for so long, Seen some struggles and my share of did-me-wrongs, I got my six string loaded, got my bags all packed, On a mission, I ain’t ever looking back No matter what, I’m gunna keep on dreaming, Almost...

Love Is With Me Now

I wanna be a princess The fairest all around And if you leave my kingdom, Your never really gone You made me feel so special So beautiful and true I wish that i could thank you If you only knew I felt your love, i think i understand If i skinned my...


Most people are scared to dream, ‘Cause “What if it never happens?” I take every chance I get, Who cares if they end up laughing at me La da da dee I won’t lose any sleep That is only fear of the unknown and being alone Life is always sweeter on the edge, I'm...