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Nee zutto kangaeteta koto
Ima koko de hanashite ii kana?
Sukoshi hazukashiku naru kedo
Zutto kawaranaide itai koto da yo


"Mada neteru no?"
"Sakki okita toko ^^"
"Chikoku suru yo?"
"Heiki da yo ^^"
Asa okite MEERU no yaritori
Nanka... terekusai ne

Itsu datte kimi wo omotteru yo
SHOPPINGU demo donna toki demo
Afureru omoi koe ni shite
Tsutaeru kara I love you

Deatte kurete arigatou
Mitsukedashite kurete arigatou
Suki ni natte kurete arigatou
Soba ni ite kurete arigatou

Zutto kimi ni zutto
Daisuki datte tsutaetai yo My darling

Doko ikou ka?
Nani tabeyou ka
Koko ga ii na ^^
Kore ga ii na ^^
Hi wa nobori soshite ochite yuku
Mou... kaeranakucha

Nanigenakute atarimae no
Koto ga jitsu wa taisetsu datte
Kidzuita no sore mo zenbu
Kimi datta kara

Yasashi sugite fuan ni mo naru
Attaka sugite naki sou ni mo naru
Sonna watashi to kimi no ibasho
Mamotte yukou to kimeta kara

Deatte kurete arigatou
Mitsukedashite kurete arigatou
Suki ni natte kurete arigatou
Soba ni ite kurete arigatou

Kono hiroi sekaijuu de
Nanajuu oku bun no ichi no kiseki
Motto kagayakimasu you ni
Tonari ni iraremasu you ni

Zutto kimi ni zutto
Daisuki datte tsutaetai yo My darling 

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