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Tekst piosenki

You don't know how to say it

And I don't think I could just take it

I can't pretend that I don't know

I guess it goes without saying

There's nothing really left worth saven

I lost you so long ago

It's all between the lines

I see it in your eyes

This is the secret you can't keep

So just go

Fade into the night

And leave me broken

Shattered by the words we left unspoken

Oh baby I know in the end

That some things are better left unsaid

Some things are better left unsaid

The hardest part of this goodbye

Is knowing how hard that we tried

When all the moments fade away

Silents cuts like a knife

Souvenirs for a life time

We're just pictures in a frame

Tears bleed until they dry

I've died a thousand times

I still taste your memory

So just go

Fade into the night

And leave me broken

Shapen by the words we left unspoken

And the life I used to know just stopped breathen

(i want to know)

Lost all my control to someone's cave in

I don't want to know

So just go

Fade into the night

And leave me broken

Shapen by the words we left unspoken

Walk away cause I don't wanna know it

Fade into the night

And leave me broken

Oh baby I know in the end

That somethings are better left unsaid

Left unsaid 

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