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[feat. Darian Mazloomi Of Argent Strand]

Stand up tall keep your head up high

Fight till the day you fucking die

The world is an ugly place full of hatred and


Stand up tall keep your head up high

Fight till the day you fucking die

The world is an ugly place full of hatred and


I thinks it's time we saw the

Demise to all the ignorance

And lies I see

Surrounding our lives

Too many

Hearts broken

Too many

Lives taken

Live to the fullest

Never let them bring you down

And never let the things that are true to you fall

No one is meaningless we all have something to fight for

I will never change

What I have become

I will stand above

All the bullshit that we are fed

Do you know what it's

like to feel alone

Face the facts

We are the ones who are here to stay

Together no one will stand alone

You don't know what you've got till its gone...

You've reached your end

For cheating your life

Focus on your life and your lies of your ignorance and bullshit that you live with.

You think you can

Change my direction

I will never change what I've become

Stand up tall keep your head up high

Fight till the day you fucking die

The world is an ugly place full of hatred and


Stand up tall keep your head up high

Fight till the day you fucking die

The world is an ugly place full of hatred and


Fuck you

The end of your life has begun

Because of you

This is what I've become

Where is the change?

What will it take?

Until we break

Watch your fucking mouth

And every single word you say

Or you'll be hitting the floor

I will fucking break you

You've reached your end

For cheating your life

Focus on your life and your lies of your ignorance and bullshit that you live with.

You think you can

Change my direction

I will never change what I've become

[feat. Darian Mazloomi Of Argent Strand] 

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