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A B And The Sea piosenki

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Bone Dry

So here I am again Just sitting on the top of the world I don't got no money, ain't got no woman So is it right for me to treat you Like you did me when we were young And is it right for me to wait To tell you now, to tell you now Bone dry, bone dry Bone dry...

Flower On The Wall

There's a bullet in the hall And he took it from his father's gun I'm a flower on the wall And she picked me from her mother's lawn If you could see her eyes Like a reflection of autumn in the winter I stood completely still Frozen cowboy thawed out in an ind...

Whose Side Are You On Anyway?

I've got to change my ways Too many times, you just string me along Pass by the window, what's in it for me? Just some notes on your palm to read Whose side are you on anyway? You've got to get back to the water I know my lines in the sand washed away So I've...

Yellow Haired Girl

I still remember little yellow haired girl With the little hot curlers in her hair My mind was floating around somewhere And dancing with the smoke from her lips And the parliament she held in her fingertips But on my way down from my highest point I might hit...