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Tekst piosenki

*featuring Three 6 Mafia & Slim of 112

We-Fin To Take Dis Thing To Another Level

Ya Herd Me

All The Ladies Come To The Front

All The Hatas Get Out Da Building, Ya Hear Me

[Chours: Slim]

Laid Back, In The Lac,

Grippin The Grain,

As Im Cruisin The Streets.

(Cruisin The Streets Girl)

It's 112 On The Dot,

Your On The Phone Talkin Dirty To Me.

(She Talkin Dirty To Me)

I Wanna Know, Where You Really Wanna Go,

Cus Im Sittin In Front Of Your Condo.

All Dem Niggas Playin Around,

Believe Im The One Though.

So Baby Take Your Clothes Off,

And Bring Your Body Next To Me.


Ooooh Baby

[Verse 1: Mjg]

How Long Would It Take A Nigga Like Mjg,

To Get A Girl Back To The Hotel.

Ima Stop And Get Some Rubbers And Some Cigarette Low,

You Can Meet Me In My Bedroom 112.

You Done Did Enough Talkin On Da Telephone,

Right Now, Im Really Tryna Put My Hands On It

So If You In It, Got Away,

You Can Come Through I Know You Didnt Really Plan On It.

Your Boy Gotta Come And Pick You Up,

Show You Off, Ride To Da Hot Spot.

When Dont, Tryna Act, Special When You,

Ridin Im My Drop-Top.

Listen, What I, Need You To Do Is

Hold This Back When I Break Dis Blunt Down

We Gonna Half To Park In A Minute,

Cus Da Cops Get Hot Right Around Bout Sun Down.

(Break It Down)

Im Not Gonna Have Your Wear Dem Jeans

Tight Motha Fucka Right With Da Low-Ride

Mjg Fin Sprinkle In Some Super Incrediable

Bitch Im So Fly.

I Got My Hand On The Wood Grain

Im In Da Caddilac Feelin Like A Grade A Pimp Man

You [?] Tryin Hard As Hell,

You Never Do It Like I Did It,

Its A Mother Fuckin Pimp Thing.

[Chours: Slim]

Laid Back, In The Lac,

Grippin The Grain,

As Im Cruisin The Streets.

(Stop Layin Back Cruisin The Streets)

It's 112 On The Dot,

Your On The Phone Talkin Dirty To Me.

(Your Talkin Dirty To Me)

I Wanna Know, Where You Really Wanna Go,

Cus Im Sittin In Front Of Your Condo.

All Dem Niggas Playin Around,

Believe Im The One Though.

So Baby Take Your Clothes Off,

And Bring Your Body Next To Me.

(Shawty Bring It Next To Me)

Ohhh Bayyybayyy

[Verse 2: 8ball]

Can I Get Your To, Come Here Girl,

Let Me Say Something Sweet In Ya Ear Girl,

I See You Movin Your Butt To Da Beat Girl,

Wanna Dip And Come See My World.

Big Ball The One With Da

Extra Keys To The Condo Up-Town.

Make Her Some Through When You Want To,

Thats How Me And Lil' Ma Get Down.

Sometime We Hit Da Town,

Wit Da Radio Up And Da Window Down.

Get A Sweet At The W, Get A Bag Of Bush

And Just Smoke Now.

And I Dont Expect Errrry Mothafucka In Here,

To Know What Im Talkin Bout.

These Niggas Aint Got No Game,

A Lot These Niggas Just Talkin Loud.

And I Know Im Not The Best Lookin Nigga,

But I'm So Far From The Worst Lookin Nigga.

When It Come To The Dirty, Me And My Nigga,

We's One Of The First In The Picture.

Three Strikes Im A Fee From A Nigga,

J, Mj Put Your Peace Sign In The Airr.

Wanna Go To A Place Where They Dont Hate

Listen To Your Boy, Let Me Take You There.

[Chours: Slim]

Laid Back, In The Lac,

Grippin The Grain,

As Im Cruisin The Streets.

(Cruisin The Streets)

It's 112 On The Dot,

Your On The Phone Talkin Dirty To Me.

(Shawty Talkin Dirty To Me)

I Wanna Know, Where You Really Wanna Go,

Cus Im Sittin In Front Of Your Condo.

All Dem Niggas Playin Around,

Believe Im The One Though.

So Baby Take Your Clothes Off,

And Bring Your Body Next To Me.

(Hey, Hey, Hey)

Ohhh Bayyybayyy

[Verse 3: Dj Paul]

I Like It When You Call My Name,

I Like It When We Play Dat Game.

What Game Is Dat Girl,

That Freaky Deeky Game.

It Aint No Shame When I Bang,

Go 'head And Grab Dat Thang.

That Grown Man Thang,

Stop Gigglin And Play It Mayne.

You Know What Im Sayin Mayne,

She You's A Freaky Dang.

Call I Call Her Coach My Friend,

So We Can Run And Train.

Im Sayin I Think I Can,

Now Baby I Have To Frann.

But Baby Boy Damn,

Wit My Hands On My Side Man.


Im A D-Boy From Da Hood,(Yeah)

Smoking On A Big Bag Of Cush,(Yeah)

Workin All Day In A Trap House,(Yeah)

See Da Police Then We Push,(Yeah)

And When A Playa Ride Through Da Streets,(Yeah)

Im Always Lookin For A Freak,(Yeah)

They Call Me The Juice Man Gigalo, (Yeah)

Take It Out Skeet Skeet Skeet. (Yeah)

[Dj Paul:]

I Hit Her Up On Black Berries,

She See That He Left Her Daddy.

She Know That Its Time,

To Shake Her Man And Meet Me In Da Hotel-Y.

See He An Old Head,

Throw Some More Bread,

Keep Her Fed,

But Im The One She Call,

When She Need That Ass Tapped.

[Chorus: Slim]

Laid Back, In The Lac,

Grippin The Grain,

As Im Cruisin The Streets.

(Cruisin The Streets)

It's 112 On The Dot,

Your On The Phone Talkin Dirty To Me.

(Shawty Talkin Dirty To Me)

I Wanna Know, Where You Really Wanna Go,

Cus Im Sittin In Front Of Your Condo.

All Dem Niggas Playin Around,

Believe Im The One Though.

So Baby Take Your Clothes Off,

And Bring Your Body Next To Me.

(Shwty Bring It Next To Me)

Ohhh Bayyybayyy 

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Just Like Candy

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Look At The Grillz

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Suck a nigga dick for a outfit When you get through get out bitch Suck a nigga dick for a outfit When you get through get out bitch I like the wa...

Lay it Down

(music plays in bakground) (eightball we doin this shit once again for you fake ass niggaz lay it the fuck down BEYITCH) Intro/Chorus: lay it down,...

Space Age 4 Eva

[MJG] I can make you get buck Even if you don't go to the club that much I got so much rhythm I can feel it MJG and Eightball we the realest Baby...

Don't Make

[Chorus - MJG] Don't make(don't make) Me kill(me kill) No muthafuckin body in here(in here) Ima shoot(ima shoot) Three shots(three shots) Somebody don...

Stand Up

[Hook: x2] South niggas stand up, weak niggas man-up, fuck these niggas that show us no love Be strong, be a man, don't lie, don't steal, keep it r...

Tell Me Why

[24 second instrumental to open] [8 Ball] Yeah.. What'chu talkin 'bout, what'chu think you doin? Why you walkin out, where you think you goin? Y...