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1st Infantry piosenki

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Right there, yeah.. spin that back Yeah.. uhhh.. straight out the lab Chemistry made.. you know, yo [Verse One: Havoc] I don't wanna web I just wanna chill but gettin still gettin confronted by ice grills They learn when I hit 'em with, heat and conspicious S...

Fourth of July

Chorus: We doing it, getting our paper we ain't rookies, we major name brand gangsters, you still a demo taper niggaz they wanna hate us bitches they wanna rape us everyday is like July 4th nowadays coz we moving independent units we sold out in any store in t...

The Midnight Creep

I give 'em to 'em gutter, straight gutter Ain't no other way to spit it, my nizzy, just fall easy Niggaz want a peace treaty, wanna bring the calm But when it's on, ain't a thing that can stop the pound Tear a fella a ass, a new ass at that Glad to clap, never...