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1.4.0. Productions Revelations 6 tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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What time is it, I checked the face on my wrist
Erasing what you missed, about face and backtrace
Black race, taught you this, who can afford this
Devils applaud this, who supported my final wish
Uplift, my Jungle movement, seems like I'm losing sight
Bruise the mic, righteous path, how many last
I blast this live, the world is the craft
How many bow to the most high, some all lie

We all see too many dust nights, keep your nuts tight in ya sack
I'm in the fight for the right and exact, right in the back
Of your nap trap, I'm strapped to the fox, trapped on blacks
Jack in the box, worm rock the world, hip hop swirl
From Jericho to jheri curls, from women to girls
I'm reinventing war, then killing more poor people off
Don't call me lost, or call me last resort, avoid your ass
Caught in the force of the blast, it's so soft, it's so fast
Now fly away, Dive put the whole world on trial today
The new black holiday, the sole independence
My revelations, God revolution against Satan
It's the last of the peaceful administrations

[Chorus 2X: Cheesey Rat]
Revelations, see time, we waste not
Deep crimes on city blocks, peep swine and devil locks
On making this world stop, well aware, be awake
Call the mentally dead, not ready for what's ahead

[Cheesey Rat]
Dance with death, deep thoughts my last breath
Don't half step now, your rep cost you tied up
Open your eyes up, you wised up, too late
Maybe time for torture, Mr. Walker
Trap scorcher, nemesis enforcer, the author
Of these rhyming novels, weed, bottles
We follow, as I walk you through these halls of blood and mud
Thugs, sex, and drugs, we bugged out to most
I'm about to post missing signs, throw up the swine
Pass your family the shine, plus a letter you designed
And forget about the weak rhymes you wrote, these rhymes
Cause you overdose, that bring you back to life again
Frightening most, who hear us, fear us
And join us, what, you think these niggas had enough

I don't gotta write this verse, it was already written
All I gotta be is churched, I was smirched by the living
Work daily towards the vision of Earth, in it's position
It's another missionary participant from wisdom
I'm an inkpen division, my rapture, keep your captivity spinning
Your X amount is interesting, go 'head you ask for starvings
Of mine and, if you know the word Benjamin
Crying cuz he grieving, son, now what are you believing?
And what do you keep your seeds in, what you feed 'em?
Do you know which season of water, and when to weed 'em
Perform on the disease of hell to make you sneeze
I do what, pray tell, you bleed, Duracell, squeeze gel
I had a revelation, I named epiphany
The first that was wet, has yet to get slippery


[Crunch Lo]
The sky falls, dark and black, cracks in the walls
Verbal brawls, these days, you can life scroll
Ghetto sitcom, people big long, luck charm
Phenomenon, stay away from the girls with the bombs
I'm a writing don, Pulitzer Prize, got eagle eyes
Never really fall too far, I gotta rise
Shady rock head, blockhead cat, working with feds
Put me in a real big mess, clogging my head
Are you capable, able, to be my brethren?
And not cross me like Able, making bad deals at the table
Here's a witch, so I switched it up
Reluctant, opportunity knocks, yo, what the fuck?
Yeah, blowing not knowing, I'm incorporated
And all ya'll played out cats, need to get updated
I'mma slay it every time I lay it, straight up, laced it
Basic ass niggas should prepare for revelation 

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