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How Bout Dat

Yo, so I usually don't get into the drama Or say stuff 'bout other people But let me tell you something This girl Danielle Bregoli Said I got a pineapple hair And I'm not cool with that It hurt my feelings Do I'm 'bout a strike back Let's go Yo it's...

Insta Bae

Okay Yeah Let's go Girl, I know when I see you All in my timeline, yeah, yeah Quite the view every angle Baby, you're so fine, yeah, yeah Ooh, ooh Follow me and I'll follow you (uh huh) Wherever you want me to (yeah) Catch me likin' all on your p...

Kick It With Me

This girl, I was chillin when she caught my eye My boy looking at me like "Woah she fly" He hit me on the shoulder like "There you go There's a cute little thing that's available" And I was like "Nah I'm cool" He said "Bet 20 you won't make that move" An...