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Dance With Me feat. Aneym

What a night! We’re standing here two reflections on the water there’s no place I’d rather be It’s so perfect, our moment It’s so perfect Put your hands around my waist Hold me tender, whisper to me Like a hero from romance Leave me breathless continuously L...

Irie & Kool

We are all Jah-Jah children and I'm sorry when I'm wrong Intolerant and stupid and when I am playing strong I'm learning all my life, and I will learn to get along One minute I'm in Zion and next Inna Babylon Ignorance is a bliss, but an ignorant is a foo...

Timebomb ( feat. Molly Bancroft)

Time bomb You’re like a time bomb... I keep your picture in my head So that I will never forget What I need and how to love myself Step on a minefield to get to you Never know what you’re gonna do I never want to feel that way again You’re like a ti...