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Young & Divine

Utwory wykonawcy:

Fux With the Boy

Let's skip the small talk and let's get to making Love I won't fake it, I think of you naked When you send me snaps, girl you know I be saving I picture my hands on you I don't wanna dig too deep I don't wanna text for two weeks Don't need to know your...

Game Girl

Seems like just the other day You were like a wake up call, my wake up call Why you had to go and change? Now I barely sleep at all You keep my heart under pressure You keep my mind full of questions So I never learn any lessons Why am I messing with y...

Shake That Bubble

Shake that bubble (bubble, bubble) Baby, baby you wanna Baby, baby you gotta Baby, baby you wanna Shake that bubble tonight (‘Cause it’s a party) ‘Cause it’s the time When the ladies all hit the club And we’re all leanin’ out the line ‘Cause we kno...


Week days turn into the weekends happens every night now leaves me wondering what have I done wrong? Nothing turns into a something keep my fingers crossed and nothing can go wrong everything goes according to plan I'm taking the fall for this sad sad...