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War Prison piosenki

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Countless Prayers

Countless prayers to an empty sky Forced to give in, the doubts in my mind Too many times, we’ve strayed the course of life Still we continue to pray to an empty sky Have you forgot, where you stand Amongst the weaker minds Time will turn, for the worst...

Forced Out

Shellshock; A perilous system Blindsided; forced to succumb Freedom, an act of war Taking what's yours, dragged out by force (Dragged by force) No mother's last goodbye, permission denied by the state Treason committed with intent defeated by system...

Ice Brigade

You Infiltrate our peace And serve a Cutthroat Eviction A militant force, a militant mission Search And destroy. You Invade our sanctuary You attempt to Control us Mass deportation Search and destroy You will never Erase us Your brigade is blind We...

War Prison

Creation of a system, that only takes what it needs Stripped of every aspect, no will to succeed Burden to everyone, the future is unknown We won’t compromise, to what you think is right No longer pushed aside Laws created, to fund the disease Taking m...