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bloodlust it takes control over me when dusk is sowing smell of flesh i wait in dark for my victim in order to tear her apart chasing for her then grip the neck squeeze it harder to make her dead the eyes are cooling down but she still can see a ne...

Cage of Butchered Flesh

behind dimension in truly horror there is collective grave of smashed filth it hangs in space full of suffer and pain scream of torturing sounds almost like the purest melody smell of death is strong enough to vomit your life with soul cage of b...

Deadmarch of Unfulfilled Illusion

prepare for the final funeral of yours illusions his sceptre shall shine nevermore ravens of night fall from the sky with fury and hate in eyes pecking the inborn sin they conduct deadmarch for ablaze fear wrap with shadow of suffer in deadmarch hear...


spread out deadly disease killing one by one in her cold embrace immortality statue of the past with winds of destruction forge act in the might painting skies in red don`t know from where and in what kind of shape try find out what it is struggle...