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Victor Kim piosenki

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Free your mind (ft. DFD)

CHORUS: Lord knows how hard I try To find peace of mind inside From the demons in my head, But still I’m gonna chase after my dreams I’m gonna find out what it means To be the man Mother always said I would be [DFD] Yo, Seen the bottom of the bott...

Out the Door

Walking out the door Baby I cried so many nights When I realized we got some strange rearranges Now living though, It`s time for you to go yeah There is one more thing that I need you to know Once upon a time, baby You were everything, everything to m...

The Gentleman

My precious darling, My sweet lovely girl There's just something in your smile, Shaking up my world. My angel from heaven, Sent from above I know the last thing that you wanted Was to fall in love. 'Cause your heart has been broken, Mine has been to...

Through Thick & Thin

Hello my friend Yes, it's been too long and though How I've missed you 'Cause in the end All I need are my friends And that's why I need you 'Cause sometimes Yes, this life gets crazy But in those times I know just what to do I will call all my fri...