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Valentina & Mirka

Utwory wykonawcy:

A Lotta Fantasy

Turning this morning I really got you honey (now) Time to countdown boy Time to go on Early in this morning You give me back my money (now) Time to realize A lotta fantasy I need you tonight You're my guiding light Can you bring me all your fantasy...

I Love Spaghetti

There's a moment in time, when I'm thinking about you... I really need you tonight HEY HEY! This is my life and I think I'm in trouble... and if you come it would be HEY HEY One of the reasons I never worry, Everyday I find my self learning... Sisters...

Shake Me Up

You never know just what you got You never happen to be with me, honey Try to relax and let me feel The magic moment that I'm loooking for long Just get ready It's so easy And don't forget: don't wait for tomorrow It's so funny Don't be silly tonight...