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U.S. Royalty

Utwory wykonawcy:


I slept in hills of wheat and pine Too many years have passed me by I come down from the mountain They offered me their finest wine We danced and drank to pass the time I come down from the mountain And as the light crept up in the hills I headed off...

Every Summer

Somewhere in the distance The radio's beckoning me on i feel i'm right back there with you again I wonder if your listening Does it make you think about the time we ran out laughing in the summer rain I'm caught up in the monday blues I can barely take m...

The Desert Won't Save You

Ain't got no money for your pretty things Don't need no pity just listen to me Girl you got taste but you got lyin eyes There's a strong desert wind And its creepin, creepin in Across the waves across the sky The taste, on your lips Feel the blood drip...