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The Crush Song

Hush, hush, hush Blush, blush, blush You are now my big fat crush [Verse 1] I'm single as I can be You're single, perfect for me I'm gonna give you a bunch of reasons Why you should date me Reason number one - I'm super hot Reason number two - she's...

The llama song

Happy llama Sad llama Mentally disturbed llama Super llama Drama llama Big fat mama llama Llama llama llama Who is this big llama? Starting all this drama It's me bitch! Yes i'm that llama That llama you despise With those big ass eyes And dem...

The Llama Song: Part 2

Llama llama drop it, drop it Don't, stop it, stop it Llama llama pop it, pop it Like a rocket, rocket 1, 2, 4, 3 None of these llamas look better than me And don't be mad Don't be mean Because I'm on your TV Like "oh my god, who is he?" I'm that lla...

The Roll Call Song

[Chorus] Shabooya, sha, sha, shabooya roll call x4 [Verse 1 - Twaimz] My name is Issa (yeah) But you can call me Twaimz And I' am the b-a-adest bitch so please don't get in my way And you can stare all you want (news flash) pictures last longer Hey you...