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Blood Division

A call To arms Glorious bloodred banners Vision of unity Illusion of pride Society divided Blood againt blood Tyrranny enthroned As duty and honor Imperialistic greed under a new truth Pride and idealism The endless cycle Prepare for war Clos...

Fire of Absolution

Exiled (out) of the womb Outcasted to their doom Out of the warmth To be forgotten - Fire Of the flesh Fire of lust Burning throughtout the veins Boiling surge of hunger Fire of the flesh Fire of lust Purification through sexual trance Drown in...

The Serpentine Cycle

The sign of chaos The sign of infinity Talon of scorn Mark of our kind Ignorance our doctrine Downfall our decline Endless game of supremacy Down on your knees The sign of the serpent Endless cycle of vanity Beginning and it's end The end and it's...

We Create, We Erase

Testament (of) regression Progress through carnage Bloodshed the price Of our evolution, Decade by decade Step by step What we create We shall destroy We create We annihilate We are bred We dissolve Glorious centuries Of creation and victories...