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Forever Ain't Enough

Forever Ain't Enough Thinking back to the feeling that I had When I saw first your face I knew that it was you Some time has pass And the feelings that I had before Still are the same Cause you never changed, no Even though I don't show it girl I jus...

My Best Friend's Girlfriend

I'm stuck thinking of words to say Cos you made me think things I never Hold on this ain't right Trying my hardest to keep this feeling inside Wishing it was me I'm sick and tired of sitting here Watching him do you wrong like you ain't perfect And baby...

Stupid And Lonely

Oh, oh, oh I can fell the rain coming by I'm trying to run away, but I don't know how And you're still sleeping But this is different I might be falling somewhere I wanna be! Chorus: So deep in love, cause I've learned to love ..that I spent running,...