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Sadistic Intent

Utwory wykonawcy:


Catalepsy, paralyzed Suspension of the brain Execration, desperation Have I gone insane Pathological, conscienceness Nearing the last breath Obscurity possess' my body And all I see is death Awaken inside a cold casket And all I can do is scream The...

Condemned In Misery

Condemed in misery For my state of being My life has just begun In a world far beyond Ive left this mortal world Of sickness and disease Visions race my eyes From the pain inside Banished from the living Some mock at my demise Mortals never learn...

Conflict Within

Trapped inside a body I know has been torn apart My soul floats aimlessly Afraid to go back to the start Searching for that Certain something I know lies deep inside I looked for truth And found the lies Without hope Then why survive [chorus x 2]...

Dark Predictions

The foretelling of future events From prophecies of the divine Writing words in the revelation For the future of mankind Prophets throughout the centuries Looking ahead through time Dark predictions arising now As written in time Darkness from the be...