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Sad Lovers & Giants

Utwory wykonawcy:


Natural causes or incineration? Old age or too much radiation? A spectacular show Too bad we had to go 50:50 The toss of a coin Which way's it gonna go? Natural causes or incineration? Burial or liquidation? Rockets ready to go A once in a lifetime...


Dumb silence doesn't pay I've said three words again today Each one just fell away In lonely echoplay Echoplay, Echoplay And when the room is empty Its subtle tricks protect me There goes another day In lonely echoplay And when the stars are bright...

Far From The Sea

Pinned to a day Striped Like a cage Suits you in grey Made to withstand Too many plans Measured in sand. 


So when the thought police arrive And you want to stay alive You can tell them where I am I'm just lazing in the sunlight So if you hear the heavy sound Of the buildings falling down And the people running round I'm just lazing in the sunlight I'm ju...

Lost in a Moment

I worked my feelings out I sing the words I'd like to shout And it comes as no surprise You've changed the rules again We came here starry eyed We went away dissatisfied And it comes as no surprise It comes as no surprise I give my thoughts to you Don...