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Sad Frosty

Utwory wykonawcy:

ADHD Freestyle

[Intro] Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system [Verse] I feel like Teezo, I'm back on that bullshit If you talk reckless, then empty the full clip I don't sip no lean and I don't pop no bars Shawty, she on me, she think I'm...

Fake Chain

[Intro] Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please hang up and redial the number [Chorus] My chain is fake as shit I went to the palace and dropped the grip Lil' bitch, she sucked my dick I'm posted on Melrose while eating chips Bitch and she want...

SadSouljaFrosty! ft. Soulja Boy

[Intro: Sad Frosty] Huh, what? Soulja Boy, Frosty, like what? Soulja Boy, Frosty, like what? Aye Aye, yuh Huh, (yuh), yuh [Verse 1: Sad Frosty] Before I had fame, bitch, I had a bag I pull in the Tesla, I'm doin' the dash These bitches, they hit me,...

Vitamin D

[Verse] Vitamin D, its all in my body Drinking that water, I don't pop no molly New kicks on my feet like I do karate Voncre on my body, I don't wear no tommy You smoking on juuls, I'm hopping in pools Oprah giving me top, with her mouth she a fool Said...