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Fade Away

I didn't want to Want to get into All that we've been through Not tonight Don't wanna fight you It just makes me want you Can't we just skip to The part we like? I just need somebody close I don't need your heart of gold Leave your conscious at the...

Pretty Little Gangster

Champ agne in this fading light We are standing on the balcony and dancing in the pouring rain Please don't feed me black and white Sick and tired of the typical I wanna know your shade of grey Hollywood the land of stars Shattered dreams will break you...


[Intro] Ruins, ruins, ruins Ruins, ruins, ruins [Verse 1] We were like a glass house, so breakable Stuck inside a madhouse, trapped in the walls And all of the voices inside of my mind Will never be silenced until I can find A way to let go of what we...

Runner In The Night ( Eurovision 1986 )

Goin' home, I'm a runner in the night Turnin' back with another chance to make it right I know where I went wrong I've been away for far too long I'm on the track – I'm a runner in the night You told me once not to go, I guess I wasn't listening I was b...