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Ruiz piosenki

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말라 버린 줄 알았던 눈물이 차오르다가 흘러내려 두 눈 속 가득 찬 두려움도 그렇게 흘려버릴 수 있을까 가르쳐줘 무거운 다리와 텅 빈 마음속엔 아무것도 몰랐던 그때에 내 모습이 무거운 하늘이 별빛처럼 가득 무너져내려 온다 하얗게 내리는 눈 되어 모든 게 어...


I got tingle on my back your still in my bed staring at your feet for a while I’ve got a song that I want really wanna put it out I’ve got a feeling that I’ll see you for a little while cause we got it vibe in vibe in I really want to dive in dive in I...

Tell me

I just remembered the time we all shared I lie to myself that everything is fine that life would just be the same Tell me the reason the thing you call love why it`s so cold when I`m lost Tell me the reason before it`s too late set me free if you must...