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Gone Is the early blossom Along with all those springs That you have missed And noone will ever pay For your pain All needlessly taken Force yourself to shut your eyes Let it grow inside Rip its way out Hate A loathsome heritage Poor man’s delight...


Now as the nails brake through my palms Leave me orphaned soul Tear your earthly chains Rise up from your carnal gaul Mistrustful as a wounded beast In piercing cold of a new day’s dawn Quivering in filth, sweat, and blood Worn out in rabid, sensless r...


Silence Gather around me Quiet down and stand in line Will you force me with your ruthless stare Come kill your shepherd with a scornful smile Silence Reorder a distracted mind On your kness Cleanse me from this racking doubt Shivering in delirium Bereft of h...


Awakened Dishonored and mislead Worse than our bodies our souls bled Phanthasmal thoughts blend with hurtful memories Ascending fog that leads us to bane In ravenous cold A bloodshed that tries us shoulder to shoulder And dries out Dries out the vain...