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Qawi Kamri

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I'm a Disappointment ft. Lil Thc

[Lil Thc] (Qawi) Fucked up, (Fucked up) i'm a fuck up (fuck up) Kill me now, I've lost touch (I've lost touch) (Qawi) Tell me i'm fucked up I'm a disappointment Tell me something I don't know I heard it all before (Qawi) Heard it all before, Jus...

No Xo, Wana. (prod. ʎpoqou)

why you gotta be upset? why you gotta be so sad? why you gotta be so mad? why you gotta be like that? i dont need something like xana all i want is something like wana Whenever your feet gets cold you can wear my socks Whenever it gets too cold you...

Nobody Wants To Be Here, So Don't Ask Me

why do i keep pushing people don't ask me why do i keep running away don't ask me why do i keep missing calls don't ask me why am i like this? don't ask me All alone, just sitting here in silence I don't know if I could call them my friends Maybe...