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Anathomy of Melancholy

Stairs lead my way now as I died Kissed by death in suicide I had to kill all that was pure For my sickness there was no cure Bitten tongue speaks the devil's true name To liberate my soul from all the pain and shame Release me of my bound Negative fin...

Another Time Inciting Again

Daddy killed your soul So you don't worry about dying You learned not to trust Do not care and not crying You light your cigarette Baby you light my fire Streets are burning Baby you light my fire You are the perfect character You are the p...

We Failed Trying to Be Funny

I’m a dream and it’s parody Of things misunderstand by my memory As it’s known there is nothing so cruel as memory I’m experience and it’s doom Which my past could not assume The ulgy past of many scars builds a better stronger you I’m inteligence and...