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An Obsequy for Thought

[Words by Alex Fidel] The mind Works In mysterious Ways That cannot be Left unchanged Arrogance Is right And the right Are wrong The ignorant are smart And the wise are dense Prepare the eulogy The ceremony begins All stay and mourn For the...

Destruction Complete

[Words by Alex Fidel] The Master Control “The Solution for All Humanity” Hidden eye Watching the populace Planning our demise The invasion of privacy Bureaucratic monopoly Illusions of equality No care for bio-safe production Chernobyl: The Consen...


An aspiration is nowhere near Time could have an end The thought of this brings fear But an attempt will assure no fail The light is getting bigger The beauty is getting clear The journey is not yet over, it has just begun The link to your desire is d...

The Toxic Avenger

His name is Melvin Junko A 98 pound nerd He got picked and teased Got treated like Joe Fleishaker’s turd They tricked him into a pink tutu Chased him down with evil smiles He fell out the window into toxic goo And now he’s got a twisted eye Hideously...