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Nomad (Thrash Metal)

Utwory wykonawcy:

I Run Away

Walls are closing in on me I have to face my enemy Day in day out you're nagging me You don't see what you have to see You build up the hate inside of me It grows and grows but no one sees I'm completely on my own Why don't you leave me the fuck alone I run...

The Unborn Vampire

It's hard not to let the tears fall down my cheek It's the only thing I feel like doing now I want it to rain, so hard that it would be Painful to walk in the rain And my tears would be lost in all rain And the rain will hurt me as it touches me If I just cold...

When I'm Dead

When I'm dead Will there be flowers on my grace Tears dripping on my coffin Friends visiting my grave My name. Will it be dead Or will they think of me Was my life worth it Or was death Who will miss me When I'm dead And everything is black Is it my desire? Ca...