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A Necromancer's Lament

Charred bleak earth Opens wide gaping jaws Swallowed I am.. Consumed by slithering tongues Now but a seed for writhing abominations In the form of poisonous tusks Arising stellarwards Veil of life rent asunder For I weave destiny from ghastly...

Astride the Chasm's Depths

Radient orb descending Gives way to twilight's Cold embrace The evening chill does beckon The ones who stalk the night And neath the wraithlike moon The chasm's burning Bright A key to unlock the seal Engulfing us in dark fires In ruins lies o...

Crimson Monarch

O' Divine Death Thou who slithers through the ages Thine spirit rise From funeral pyres Solemnly we bask in thine splendour at dusk Purified in the rays of thine twilight descending Not a man but a shapeless worm Into the womb I came to accompli...

Scale the Inferno

Abyssic wind ascension Tenebrous wings unfold Leprous saints chanting backwards Dispersing words of ill-intent Souls tethered to ruin Thy kingdom never come Contagion of bleak deities Carries plague and whirlwind woe Ridden With sickening disg...