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Gates of hell

Everything around us seems so dark far away from morning light. Angels looking for God's mark Everything now looks so pure filled with bright hope. The gates opened before my eyes and hope in the wind crosses my mind. REFREN I was pushed away...

Lands of grimness and frost

Far beyond the blackened horizon, far beyond the light. Where sun no longer rises, where lies eternal night. There is something in those woods, living in the dark, waiting for our blood, waiting for our lifes. Unholy lands of evil, deep insi...

Legacy of winter

Wind is blowing cold, Fog is rising from the woods, our home is now embraced with cold, The winter breeze came above our land. This grimness has shown it's teeth, Everything around seems to be dead, Our kingdom is now covered by white, Legend of...

Volcano eruption

soil is shaking, trambling in fear smell of sulpur tells you it's near the vicious force of nature, awaken after years of sleep dust and smoke block the sunlight condemning the landscape to chilling darkness heat warms up the air and starts to...